Various mixes


1st December 2014 Mix: CharlesMatthews_11214_Mix.mp3

This was my first mix for a couple of years, so something of an exploration of my music collection...going through unsorted vinyl and files from a corrupted hard disk. I'll post a tracklisting soon.

17th April 2009 Mix: Charles_Matthews_17April2009Mix.mp3

This mix represents some of my interests in percussion, guitars and electronics, trying to get a feel for an aesthetic by throwing tracks together: Balinese Gong Luang, Lucier's Music for Solo Performer, Pleiades by Xenakis, Parmegiani, Sonic Youth, Pigface, This Heat, Joko Purwanto (musicians from ISI Solo).

v50: CharlesMatthews_v50.mp3

I made this for Paul Chivers on his 50th birthday. Opens with some random electroacoustic stuff, David Bowie(?) and a synthesiser 12" from Nonesuch, which I've just realised was sampled by Luke Vibert on Big Soup. Bits of Charles Ives pieces (the beep on one indicates changing slides during performance)....Fragments of Themroc and other movies throughout..BBC sound effects...obligatory birdsong section runs into Parmegiani...I have no idea what the last two charity shop records are.

Vinyl/CD/MP3 and effects (December 2006):

3rd December 2006 Mix: Ardisson_031206_mix.mp3

First of a trio of mixes recorded in December 2006. Live feedback, runout grooves and locked grooves by Serocell, Lucier's gamelan piece, some drones I don't recognise....Parmegiani's Les Monstres...BBC sound effects...Schaeffer creeps in through gunshots...Luc Ferrari, more feedback and some other electronic pieces. The mix concludes with several vocal tracks played at once.

16th December 2006 Mix: Ardisson_161206_mix.mp3

Opens with a section from Back In. Things get a little strange - the distortion and reverb are live. Organ blends with some spectral experiments. I'm not sure which records are in here but I recognise the Angel Heart soundtrack, some more pieces by Serocell, choirs, J Saul Kane - an accidental locked groove(?), mixed with some deliberate locked grooves later. Feedback drones. Cage's Souvenir for organ surfaces - a piece with a lot of emotional resonance for me.

17th December 2006 Mix: Ardisson_171206_mix.mp3

This one features heavy live processing - I'm not sure if I can really call it a mix. A Korg MS-20 enters into the signal chain with some filtering and pitch-following alongside reverb and feedback via an analog mixer. There are a few commercial field recordings from Indonesia in here alongside Moroccan music and one or two other pieces I don't recognise.