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A standalone version of the Mipilan software built in Max/MSP is now available for download. Current version is 2.0 updated 05/12/13 (manual still in development).

Please note that this is a very rough version both in terms of software and documentation.  Any bug reports or suggestions will be gratefully received at the email address on the front page of the user guide.  If the software does not load or make any sound at all please do drop me a line to let me know!

Download the following files, unzip and place them in the same folder on your hard drive.  The User Guide PDF contains more instructions.

Software and user guide PDF:


Sample pack (required):


At the end of last year I went into a studio and re-recorded all the instruments.  I am currently working on cleaning this up but thought I would put the results up for now.  The old version, which was really only for testing and includes a lot of traffic noise, is still available here:


Experimental input:
I have been working on some supplementary patches to expand control for the software until I am ready to release the source.  Ultimately I would like all the send/receive paths to be accessible for control.  For now I am enabling this through user-built patches and/or OSC.
Open the patches contained within this zip file from the file menu in Mipilan for some examples (requires some familiarity with Max/MSP):
See http://cycling74.com/toolbox/osc-to-send/ for more info on the “OSC send” abstraction used here.
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later.  See the Max/MSP technical requirements for more information.

One thought on “Mipilan download

  1. Fantastic! Downloaded version 1.2b 14 nov 2012, and very excited about it. Thank you Ardisson for sharing Mipilan with the rest of the world, now it’s Gamelan Game On!!

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