All software has been developed in Max/MSP and Max For Live. A video of the software playing a traditional piece by itself (Ketawang Puspawarna) can be seen here. Click here for a recent screenshot (granular synthesis patch currently in development).

Project links:
Soundcloud: various clips of work in development.
Mipilan software: work in progress, Mac OS X only.
Youtube: a mixture of rehearsals, performances and experiments.
ADRI Site including AV examples: how this work fits with my PhD at Middlesex.

Related projects:
Ongoing collaboration with Charlotte Pugh || Video here: Out of Focus
Improvisation with Aris Daryono at the Indonesia Kontemporer event in London 2011
Solo projects: Ardisson (electronic dance/bass oriented music) and Charles Matthews on Unclassed Media

Gamelan groups I’m currently playing in:
Southbank Gamelan Players
Siswa Sukra


@matthewscharles on twitter