Gamelanathon performance, 6th July 2013

by Charles Matthews on July 4, 2013, no comments

This Saturday 6th July the Augmented Gamelan group will be performing in the front room/bar of the Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of a post-concert gamelan and electronics session.  This will follow a performance of a new dance drama (sendratari) choreographed by Matheus Wasi Bantolo and featuring artists from ISI Surakarta and the Southbank Gamelan Players: more information and tickets here.

The bar event is due to start around 10:30pm but this may be modified to fit the end of the event in the main hall.  It’s worth getting a ticket for the main event but this will not be required for entry to the bar.

We will be playing a developed version of the set performed at Daylight Music in the Union Chapel last year and more recently at the No Dark Places Festival, featuring a blend of arrangements of traditional material and free improvisation.

Augmented Gamelan at the No Dark Places festival, June 2013

Augmented Gamelan ensemble performing at the No Dark Places festival, June 2013

Listen to the Union Chapel set here:


Also performing will be Bitwise + Madek, a gamelan and electronics duo from Galway featuring live instruments.  Hear their EP Gamelan Re-imaginings here.

A PDF of the full schedule for the weekend can be found here.