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Electric bonang and custom beaters

by Charles Matthews on October 16, 2016, no comments

We’ve had some really interesting developments lately, with our setup expanding to incorporate light. Perhaps more exciting though is the level of integration that we’re finding with the electronics and instruments. One of the key goals of the project was to share the instruments between computers and players – and now, with the electric bonang […]

Network at Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam 22/05/2016

by Charles Matthews on May 16, 2016, no comments

We will be performing a new Augmented Gamelan piece as part of a performance with Southbank Gamelan Players and Plaid on the 22nd May. Tickets are available here: Programme notes: Network explores space around the edges of silence and darkness, and extending the interlocking processes characteristic of gamelan music. Fragments of melody are broken […]

Gamelanathon performance, 6th July 2013

by Charles Matthews on July 4, 2013, no comments

This Saturday 6th July the Augmented Gamelan group will be performing in the front room/bar of the Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of a post-concert gamelan and electronics session.  This will follow a performance of a new dance drama (sendratari) choreographed by Matheus Wasi Bantolo and featuring artists from ISI Surakarta and the Southbank Gamelan Players: more information and […]

Serocell: Kind Encounters

by Charles Matthews on April 24, 2013, no comments

Kind Encounters is a set of tracks made by Ben McDermott using the latest version of Mipilan, a composition and performance framework based on conventions of realtime interpretation from Javanese gamelan.  A couple of months ago I updated the software with a few new features: a synthesised gong komodhong, cleaner gender samples, and a few […]

Mapping demos

by Charles Matthews on March 17, 2013, no comments

It’s been difficult to find time to work on the Max side of things lately but this week I have been adding some new functionality to Mipilan – including MIDI out, new synthesis options and samples.  The new version should be available to download soon, once I have worked out a few bugs and updated […]

Tenuous Links

by Charles Matthews on September 15, 2011, no comments

Tenuous Links is a solo piece I developed in the summer of 2011, based around a balungan interpretation patch I was working on in Max/MSP and a set of small gongs and input/output-type transducers.  It started life as a 20 minute performance for the Placard Headphone Festival in Sheffield, and so headphones are recommended (lower […]