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Interactive Augmented Gamelan

by Charles Matthews on July 28, 2016, no comments

This interactive version of the Augmented Gamelan setup was presented at Hackoustic Festival in July 2016. Using a special version of Pipilan (software developed in Max/MSP for composing with gamelan and electronics), visitors were invited to write in sequences to be elaborated upon by a virtual ensemble. The sequences were translated into sound and light […]

Pipilan installation at MUMUTH, Graz

by Charles Matthews on May 14, 2015, no comments

Pipilan is a program for composing with gamelan and electronics (more information here). The software uses a simplified set of rules based on the way musicians work out their parts, allowing users to put in a basic sequence of notes and hear a virtual ensemble respond in real-time. A synthesiser part based on the same […]

Augmented Gamelan at the No Dark Places festival

by Charles Matthews on November 25, 2014, no comments

The following recording was made at the No Dark Places festival in June 2013. The performance took place in an empty swimming pool. In this set we developed arrangements of traditional Javanese pieces from the Union Chapel alongside new improvised sections. In particular we wanted to play on the intimacy of the venue and the […]

Sonic Arts Forum at the Sonophilia Festival, Lincoln

by Charles Matthews on November 19, 2014, no comments

In October I took the electric bonang setup to a Sonic Arts Forum meeting as part of the Sonophilia Festival in Lincoln. I gave a brief presentation followed by an improvisation using four suspended pencon and transducers. The patch used was created specially for this performance as a continuation of the ideas developed in Solo. […]

Response to ShoutCry Room featured in exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

by Charles Matthews on November 1, 2014, no comments

A video loop of Response to ShoutCry Room, a multimedia collaboration with Rebecca Woodford-Smith and Oi Nuen Sprunt, is currently on display alongside the original paintings. The Paint and Ink Exhibition runs in the Museum and Bank Negera Malaysia until January 2015.

Electric bonang noise performance in Surakarta

by Charles Matthews on July 19, 2014, no comments

In July 2014 I performed a solo improvisation as part of a noise event in Surakarta. There were twelve acts playing in total. I saw this as a challenge to move away from the more delicate arrangements of traditional material I’ve been working on in recent years. Click here to watch an improvisation recorded the […]

Video: Response to ShoutCry Room

by Charles Matthews on May 10, 2013, one comment

Response to ShoutCry Room is a multimedia collaboration between myself and performance-maker Rebecca Woodford-Smith, in response to a set of sumi-e paintings and text created by the artist Oi Nuen Sprunt.  The performance took place last October as part of an event entitled Art and Healing at the New Diorama theatre in London.  Oi Nuen’s paintings […]

Summer 2013 performances

by Charles Matthews on May 7, 2013, one comment

There are a couple of fairly unique Augmented Gamelan related performances coming up in London over the next couple of months, with possibly more to be confirmed. First off on the 16th May I’ll be playing a solo set as Ardisson for the first time in about three years – the last time I played […]

Art and Healing

by Charles Matthews on October 18, 2012, no comments

On the 28th October 2012 I will be involved in an event taking place at the New Diorama Theatre near Regents Park in London.  I have been working with dancer/performer Rebecca Woodford-Smith on a collaborative piece involving movement and an original composition.  This has mostly been long-distance through email communication, sharing files through Soundcloud and […]

Daylight Music @ Union Chapel, 30th June 2012

by Charles Matthews on June 27, 2012, no comments

This weekend will see the project’s first full performance.  We will be playing as a small ensemble (5 players including computer/electronics), focussing on vocal parts, the gender – a set of bronze keys placed over resonators and played with soft mallets, and a variety of small kettle gongs I picked up at and antique market […]