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Interactive Augmented Gamelan

by Charles Matthews on July 28, 2016, no comments

This interactive version of the Augmented Gamelan setup was presented at Hackoustic Festival in July 2016. Using a special version of Pipilan (software developed in Max/MSP for composing with gamelan and electronics), visitors were invited to write in sequences to be elaborated upon by a virtual ensemble. The sequences were translated into sound and light […]

Sonic Arts Forum at the Sonophilia Festival, Lincoln

by Charles Matthews on November 19, 2014, no comments

In October I took the electric bonang setup to a Sonic Arts Forum meeting as part of the Sonophilia Festival in Lincoln. I gave a brief presentation followed by an improvisation using four suspended pencon and transducers. The patch used was created specially for this performance as a continuation of the ideas developed in Solo. […]

Electric bonang noise performance in Surakarta

by Charles Matthews on July 19, 2014, no comments

In July 2014 I performed a solo improvisation as part of a noise event in Surakarta. There were twelve acts playing in total. I saw this as a challenge to move away from the more delicate arrangements of traditional material I’ve been working on in recent years. Click here to watch an improvisation recorded the […]