@serocell: “pattern recognition” (mipilan demos)

by Charles Matthews on October 21, 2012, no comments

This is a series of recordings made by @serocell, aka Ben McDermott, on the 15th October 2012.  They were recorded directly to stereo aiff and are presented here unedited and unmastered:   Earlier this week I completed the first standalone version of the Mipilan software.  Please see this post for more information.  This is part […]

Art and Healing

by Charles Matthews on October 18, 2012, no comments

On the 28th October 2012 I will be involved in an event taking place at the New Diorama Theatre near Regents Park in London.  I have been working with dancer/performer Rebecca Woodford-Smith on a collaborative piece involving movement and an original composition.  This has mostly been long-distance through email communication, sharing files through Soundcloud and […]

This project was developed at the ADRI, Middlesex University with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

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