An ongoing collaboration involving gamelan, recorder, and electronics. We play in various gamelan groups (including Southbank Gamelan players and Augmented Gamelan), and have been recording together since 2010.  Based in London/Brighton/York. More recently we have been performing live both as an improvising duo and composing for full gamelan ensembles.  

Our most recent work took the form of “Three films”: a multimedia piece featuring a series of images and textures by Charlotte, with music edited together from several of our live improvised sessions. In 2016 we adapted the piece for a selection of gamelan instruments and new electronic parts – a process which involved transcribing parts from three or four different tuning systems, with some moments where the synthesised parts and instruments were impossible to separate. It’s been increasing in intensity every time we’ve played it recently, as the piece becomes more live and improvisatory, creating an unsettling dialog between groaning rubbed gongs and feedback.

The new version was played for the first time with members of Southbank Gamelan Players in Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam in May as part of a programme of gamelan and electronics, and has subsequently been refined and performed in the Bela Bartok National Concert Hall, Budapest, in October.

The film with its original soundtrack can be viewed below:

Hear some of the early development of the 2016 electronic version here (electronics by Charles Matthews via transcriptions from our session):

Out of Focus was our first “composed” piece based on our first improvisation session together in the Autumn of 2010:

Performance at the Gathering of the Gamelans symposium in York, 2012:

Further gamelan improvisation:

Further listening:  Charlotte’s visual work can be found here: