Sonic Arts Week 1

Key resources/reading list:

Key resources

— This list is work in progress from last year.  For those interested in getting historical context for sonic arts, I highly recommend Audio Culture by Cox and Warner.  Many of the texts appear to be available on although I’m not sure about the copyright status.


Course outline

Week 1 listening exercise

Week 1 recording exercise

Audacity Worksheet



Recommended listening

Drone– Eliane Radigue / Glitch – Kim Cascone / Soundscape – Luc Ferrari / Conceptual – Susan Philipsz / Early Electroacoustic Music – Karlheinz Stockhausen & Pierre Schaeffer / Feedback & acoustics – Alvin Lucier / Sound Sculptures – Max Eastly

A playlist of versions of John Cage’s 4’33” – the “silent piece” (more info here):

This is some information on R. Murray Schafer and the notion of soundscape:

And finally, a documentary from the BBC on the notion of silence: